Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hey ya'll!...We're Baaack!

Bet you thought your worst nightmare was over, eh? No chance! We’re back on the hunt for hostages and victims. Yeah, its been a while, 22 months to be exact, since you’ve last heard from us. Prior to February 2017, I told you that EK was for sale. Well, that’s no longer the case. In February 2017, I told you that EK would no longer be doing custom kidnapping services for the general public and that we would be going in a different direction. While we have developed and implemented some new service products, we are reinstating our custom kidnapping services to the general public. Why the change of heart? Basically, there are three reasons. First, the extreme kidnapping reality experience is what put EK on the map. Second, because there are thousands of you out there who are extreme adventure junkies whose appetites for wild, crazy, and bizarre experiences never seem to be satisfied. And third, nobody does kidnapping experiences better than EK. So, what does the new EK have to offer you? Well, the new EK is pretty dope and we are excited. Here is a list of our new service product offerings for 2019: Custom Kidnapping Adventures (available to the general public) Anti-kidnapping Course (private and corporate) Kidnapping Prevention Course (private and corporate) Interrogation Experience Extreme Adventure (available to the general public) Interrogation Survival Course: Incarceration, Interrogation, and SERE Experience Detailed information pertaining to each of the above-mentioned programs will be forthcoming over the next few months. Want to join the EK Team? We are looking for qualified men and women to work as kidnappers, interrogators, drill instructors, course instructors, and more. If you are interested and have what it takes, then email