Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another fake kidnapping gone wrong

This is one of the more absurd fake kidnappings I've heard of in recent years. Often couples try to stage kidnappings for the purposes of "role playing" and adult fun, sometimes people kidnap their friends as a prank, or to just create a scene for kicks. This case is odd in that the kidnapping was staged merely to frighten someone who the perpetrators say was abusive to one of them. In the end, people were arrested, charged, and sentenced. As I've said before, and will say again, leave the kidnapping to the professionals! Kidnapping is considered a very serious offense by LE (law enforcement), and whether or not you claim "it was a joke" or whatever excuse you've concocted, its not going to be enough. There will be consequences. Why put yourself at risk? If you truly want to be kidnapped, or want to create a kidnapping scene that satisfies your requirements without exposing you to criminal prosecution, you need to consult Extremekidnapping. We can provide kidnapping services, legally, and safely.

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