Monday, February 27, 2017

Welcome to 2017. We have expanded our services and have diversified into other types of adventures. We still offer realistic kidnapping adventures, but only to corp clients and production companies (TV), as well as expert consultation on TV and films. We no longer offer custom kidnappings to the general public. In place of the custom kidnappings we are famous for (or notorious, depending on your point of view)we are now offering Anti-kidnapping and Kidnapping Prevention courses. We have locations in Miami, New Orleans, and Alexandria, La. We offer Escape courses that teach you how to escape from various restraints like hand cuffs, duct tape and zip ties. How to escape from the trunk of a car, and much more. Locations in Miami and Alexandria,La. We now offer Interrogation courses that will take you into the mind of a professional interrogator and we will show you the various techniques used by LE, military, and the third world. The other option is the Interrogation Survival course which puts you in the hot seat and going face to face with a professional interrogator. How long can you last? Find out with us, we have locations in Miami and Alexandria, La. For our corporate clients we offer the best team building excercises available. Forget the boring stuff you're used to and try something you won't forget. We can come to your location or arrange locations upon request. We offer a variety of scenarios. Inquire for details. New adventures will be added soon so check back. Send all inquiries to