Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FLASH KIDNAPPINGS available for a Limited time!

We are bringing back FLASH KIDNAPPINGS for a limited time!  A flash kidnap adventure is a scaled down version of a econo kidnap.  You still get kidnapped but instead of being transported to a secret location and held captive for 4 hours, we drive you to a spot where we tie you up and then have you make a ransom call or a "proof of Life" video.  We snap some pics of you so there is no mistake that you were, in fact, kidnapped and held for ransom.  We then dump you off wherever we snatched you from.  The End.
Later, we send you the pics to commemorate your predicament.  Flash kidnaps are available only in metro Detroit; Oakland, Wayne, Macomb counties.  Cost is only $200!  Kick summer off with some adrenaline thrills and a kick ass story to tell.  Your "getaway" begins today..

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