Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nice mention. But we are in New Orleans now. ;) For a FREE CONSULTATION contact adamthick@extremekidnapping dot com today.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Extreme Kidnapping continues to Innovate in 2014

Just when you thought you heard it all from us, we continue to innovate and are now helping clients....lose weight. Yes, you can now get kidnapped and forced to lose weight! Diets are so played out, they hinge on your own personal willpower, and fickle momentary desires to indulge or abstain, but now, with our new hard core weight loss program, we take the choice out of your hands! You've been kidnapped, so you eat when we feed you. Forget late night snacking, hard to eat when your chained to a cot. Worried about exercise? No problem. We've got certified expert trainers on staff to whip your fluffy ass into shape. Kidnap-style. We remove all barriers to weight loss. Just let us take you away, and make you lose weight, literally! Some might think this is a joke, but we are serious. If you are serious about weight loss, lack willpower, and need to see fast results, we have a program for you. Serious inquiries only.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Extreme Kidnapping does the Big Easy!

We are now providing #kidnap #adventures in #NewOrleans Take a #luxurytravel #vacation that you won't soon forget! Come to the "Big Easy" for the food, stay longer because you got kidnapped! Kick your summer off with a thrill and a ordeal you won't soon forget. Contact Adam Thick for your FREE CONSULTATION.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

We kidnapped a reality TV host this week

Just back from a kidnap caper in New Jersey where we successfully kidnapped a reality show host. We flew to NY and stayed in New Jersey. The crew consisted of Adam Thick (owner), Donyell Hunter, and new recruit Cuban Joe. It was a fun and interesting 3 days. Shout out to Anthony and his Mom from Belleville! (Nice people we met on location while filming the big finale for the show) The kidnapping went down in a parking lot of a Diner where we made the grab from a large van that came to a screeching halt as the reality host and her companion walked to their car to leave. Although she knew in advance "something" was going to happen to her while in NJ, I can't be sure what they told her exactly, all I know is she was really scared and screaming her head off when we threw her in the van and took off! The van ride to the hide out was a adventure in and of itself, but was just a precursor to the bizarre ending to the scenario where we were told to 'end' the kidnapping by all walking into the room holding a sign that said "Succeed!" We all had a good time and look forward to seeing it when it airs June 29th!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Adventurous “Game” That Can REALLY Rejuvenate You

When you think of “rejuvenation,” does the first thing that comes to your mind have to do with that Total Biscuit thing in League of Legends? Or maybe that Bead deal? Okay, sure, we understand. After all, in recent years online adventure games have become so sophisticated and complex, with such dazzling animation and special effects, that they can definitely get the adrenaline pumping. But if you’re looking for something that will really give you an adrenaline rush – and rejuvenate you in the bargain – it’s still sometimes necessary to interact with the real-ish world rather than the virtual variety. We know that might be hard to swallow, but indulge us for a few moments here. There are numerous “real-world” games/adventures that can deliver a far greater thrill than League of Legends (or World of Warcraft or Halo or Call of Duty) could ever provide. You can actually immerse yourself in real-life experiences – or experiences that seem real but thankfully are not. And you’ll come away from these experiences refreshed and rejuvenated. They’re not necessarily cheap, but then, you’re not looking for a cheap thrill, are you? And at least they’ll get you out of the house for a while.
Here’s one to consider. Extreme Kidnapping. If you’re a true adrenaline junkie, consider getting yourself kidnapped. Extreme Kidnapping will treat you to the experience of being abducted – as in, grabbed from the comfort and safety of your home, blindfolded, tied up, spirited away and held for ransom. You’ve seen a thousand scenarios like that on TV and in the movies; now you can experience it for yourself. Want to be abducted and tied up by a group of hot ladies? (Who wouldn’t?) We can arrange it. Our crew of Henchmen and/or Elite Ladies will abduct you, upon which we’ll probably blindfold you and throw you into a van at gunpoint. You will be driven to a secret location, where you might be subjected to professionally executed torture tactics ranging from waterboarding to beating. It’s all up to you. A four-hour “Express-kidnapping” costs $600, but many of our customers long for a more extended thrill. We can customize the experience in just about any way you ask. Pricing is on a per-adventure basis, depending upon what you want. Of course, prior to this staged kidnapping, we’ll also have you pick a “safe word.” It doesn’t have to be all fun and games, though. As it happens, we also teach practical counter-kidnapping procedures and responses to deal with critical situations. We will take you into the real world of kidnap and ransom. This is especially valuable for law enforcement professionals and responders, as well as international travelers who journey to high-risk parts of the world. Give us a try, and you just may learn the true meaning of “Rejuvenation.” Author Byline: This guest post is contributed by Rebecca Gray, who writes about background checks for She welcomes your comments at her email:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Extreme Kidnapping is Leaving Las Vegas

As of last week, we are no longer based in Las Vegas. We will now have no fixed location. We will work on a case by case basis and there will no longer be fixed prices. We are working on a strictly quote basis. In other words, you tell us what you have in mind, and you'll get a quote. For those of you that are already in talks with us from 2013, anything quoted to you (or price listed) at that time will remain the same. This applies to new clients going forward, as of today. If you want to discuss a kidnapping adventure, contact Adam Thick for your free consultation.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Why so serious?

When life gets us. We can change all that. Contact: