Friday, December 28, 2012

Saying Good bye to 2012

Extreme Kidnapping had a interesting year but we plan to make 2013 bigger and better!  We should have some interesting new things to update you on in the new year so stay tuned and check in periodically.  Just a hint of things to come;  A BIG feature in a major mens magazine, reality TV?, a new video; Vol. 2 "The Elite Girls Team" and much more.  See you next year!


Jessica Till said...

How is this site not freaking flooded with kinksters?! I'm just a newbie, but even I'm all googly eyed that this exists!

Richie Reckless said...

Is this company contemplating branching out to Los Angles? If so, who might I approach for employment opportunities?

Adam Thick said...

No plans for LA, but were thinking about Vegas baby! ;)